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Postal address:
Interface Physics Group 
Kamerlingh Onnes Laboratory
Leiden University
P.O. Box 9504
2300 RA Leiden
The Netherlands

Visiting address:
Interface Physics Group
Kamerlingh Onnes Laboratory
Leiden University
Niels Bohrweg 2
2333 CA Leiden
The Netherlands




You will travel via Airport Schiphol and then by train.



Leiden can be reached by train from Den Haag (10min), Amsterdam (35min), Rotterdam (30min), Utrecht (45min) and Schiphol Airport (15min). Take the train to Leiden Central Station ("Leiden Centraal").


Click here to get information about the timetables of the Dutch Railways. From the trainstation, you can either walk, take a taxi or take the bus.

If you plan to walk to the institute, either walk along the Rijnsburgerweg or the Wassenaarseweg (30min). See map below.


If you go by bus, you can take bus 57 (to 'Nieuw Vennip') and get out at stop 'Corpus'. Another option is to take bus 43 (to 'Den Haag') and get out at stop 'Universiteitsterrein'. From both stops it's a 3 minute walk to the institute. Each bus takes less than 10min, leaving the station twice an hour. The Huygens Laboratory is a tall building covered with black panels. The Oort building is the slanted building next to the Hugens Laboratory.






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Our institute is located in these three buildings:



Information about the city of Leiden can be found here.




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